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We are experts in

Digital Platform

Low-code platform that allows you to have your factory connected with workers in RealTime.

IoT. Sensorization

Sensorize your machines and production equipment to capture the most relevant data to optimize their performance and automatize production processes.

AR Solutions

Improve your sales by turning them into an immersive experience. 3D web catalogs, AR for configuration of offers. Prototyping in AR. Take your designs from your computer to physical places.


Certify your quality and compliance processes automatically and from the machines. Tokenize your excellence.

AI to process improvement

From predictive maintenance to the modeling of digital twins, capable of anticipating future behaviors of your equipment and production chains.

M2M Communication

Remote technical assistance from your engineering and maintenance teams. Get in touch with your customers with an immersive experience.

Latest blog posts

Acquiring Coding Skills: A Pending Subject

Acquiring coding skills is still a pending subject in 2022 despite the constant transformation of society due to digitization. The Internet and mobile devices are everyday tools for the majority of the population. In 2020, Spain accounted for more than 42 million internet users, of which 97.8% surfed the net using their smartphones.

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