Stock Management

Full potential for your stock management

While the promise of RAIN RFID has been enticing, it wasn’t always practical. Now, the long-awaited potential of consistent and reliable RFID is here and within reach. Get robust gains without the pains.

Leverage Zebra’s decades of expertise, design thinking and software development to achieve maximum RFID efficiency, while minimizing the pains of multi-vendor solutions. Unlike other players, Zebra gives you the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Connect it all and create a platform that elevates every system, device, tag and worker.

Now you’re in command, but not on your own. With an ecosystem of support and partners to guide you, the way forward is clear.

Digital Platform

Low Code platform that allows you to have your factory connected with workers in RealTime.

Manage all your factory’s equipment from anywhere and give access to data in real time to relevant collaborators, both from staff and third parties.

Beyond traditional MES systems, the incorporation of sensorization of additional components enables a deeper and higher value data usage. It is not necessary to generate access to third parties to the communication protocols of our equipment.

We can link MES systems’ data with external and third party databases to start a deep study process or Data Mining for the adaptation of Machine Learning algorithms for the predictability of future behaviors of the equipment in certain environments and variable conditions.

IOT Sensorization

Prepare your machines and equipment for Industry 4.0

Sensorize your machines and production equipment to capture the most relevant data to optimize their performance and automatize production processes.

Update the functionalities of your machines by monitoring and controlling the most relevant data for an optimal service status.

We design the most appropriate solution for the precise use case, incorporating technology that guarantees functionality and maximizes investment.

AR Solutions

Improve your sales by turning them into an immersive experience.

3D web catalogs, AR for configuration of offers. Prototyping in AR. Take your designs from your computer to physical places.

Turn sales into an immersive experience that allows customers to visualize your product in the real work environment.

Transform your technical catalogs into a tool that allows you to visualize your products in 3D and make your customers understand them clearly.

Get your prototypes in record time and do the geometric checks without needing to manufacture samples and shortening development times drastically.


Certify your quality and compliance processes automatically and from the machines. Tokenize your excellence.

At SCHUMPIT we implement blockchain technology in the certification of key processes for your business. Your customers will have the assurance that your issued certificates are real and unfalsifiable.

With blockchain you elevate operational excellence to security and certainty through digital certification.

AI Process Improvement

From predictive maintenance to the modeling of digital twins capable of anticipating future behaviors of your equipment and production chains.

Bring data intelligence and predictability of future behaviors to your industry.

AWS partners that allows us to adapt the most appropriate algorithms for the data structure of your company. We model and train the algorithms for a predictability that allows estimations of results:

  • Behavior of equipments in stressful situations.
  • Behavior of equipments with design variants.
  • Prediction of failures and breakdowns
  • Planning of effective predictive maintenance.

M2M Communication

Get in touch with your customers with an immersive experience. Remote technical assistance from your engineering and maintenance teams with your customers anywhere in the world.

This technology and solution that SCHUMPIT has brought to the market allows one to have direct contact with clients and visualize the same things they are seeing; giving them precise indications on how to fix the incidence or the replacement of parts with a guided process without needing to make trips or displacements.

Real-time assistance drastically shortens response time, minimizing your customer’s downtime due to incidents or maintenance.

You design learning dynamics and continuous training with an immersive experience.

Maximize the value provided with the engineering departments and generate new lines of business.